The International Society for Education through Art (INSEA) has members in more than 80 countries and unparalleled expertise in research and teaching of visual art. INSEA is a non-governmental organisation and an official partner of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural organisation UNESCO). All our members are active in supporting and developing good practice in visual art education around the world.

INSEA is a non-profit organisation, its purpose is to promote and advance education through art, design and crafts in all countries, in addition to nurturing intercultural understanding. At the time of writing (2023) these aims have never been more important.

As the 20th President of the International Society of Education through Art (INSEA) and on behalf of the Society, I want to express my deep appreciation of this international exhibition. Conceived and curated by INSEA’s World President Aimée Humbert (1973-76) who, at that time, was an art teacher at the Lycée de Sèvres, the exhibition has been preserved and archived in England.

The collected works present a stunning overview of art education around the world at the time of the INSEA World Congress, held at the International Centre for Pedagogical Studies in Sèvres in 1975. Humbert sought to celebrate the humanity and creativity of young people as expressed though art. Containing works from five continents, the children’s work demonstrates the power of education through art.

With the advances in technology since the 1970s and the dedication and persistence of INSEA World President Marie Francoise Chavanne (1985-88) the works are now available to future generations of art educators and scholars in this digital archive.


Our manifesto, based on our almost 70 year history sets out clearly the benefits of education through art.

To take just two quotes from the manifesto:


  • Visual art education opens possibilities and opportunities for learners to discover themselves, their creativity, values, ethics, societies and cultures.
  • Education through art inspires knowledge, appreciation and creation of culture.

This collection represents illustrates both of these notions beautifully and I commend it to you.

Glen Couts

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