Lycée Jean-Pierre Vernant

The Lycée Jean-Pierre Vernant in Sèvres, formerly Lycée de Sèvres, has always taken to the highest level its dimension of international openness in many fields.
Long associated on the experimental level with the International Center of Pedagogical Studies of Sèvres, the Lycée de Sèvres becomes in the 50s a pilot high school in terms of pedagogical research, open as much on the world as on many fields of excellence.

Today the school still carries this beautiful heritage: an international dimension visible in many teachings and projects as well as an artistic dimension carried from the 2nd to 3rd grade. The place is left to each student to explore and develop their multiple skills through projects, partnerships, internships, trips, rich and varied teachings.

The diversity, the excellence, the complementarity, the openness to the world of all these trainings are the sign of open, complex, daring choices allowing each student to blossom and build his own future path. The high school democracy, force of proposals and decisions, takes all its place in the governance of the institution.

The Lycée de Sèvres and the Centre International d’Etudes Pédagogiques, formerly CIEP, have long been the headquarters of INSEA, the International Society for Education through Art, an NGO in consultative relationship with UNESCO. Each year, International Arts Education Days brought together teachers from many countries to share their research. Thus, Aimée Humbert, a fine arts teacher and president of INSEA at that time, had chosen to organize the World Congress there in 1975!

Since 1975, the school has been saving and protecting children’s works from all over the world. This collection is a strong testimony to both history and art education. This collection found three years ago is a valuable historical testimony to understand the values carried by Art Education on a global level but also to glimpse the pride and hope of each child that his creation highlights his country in a world sometimes idealized.

It is a great honor for me to have been able to be associated with this project which, thanks to the involvement of each of my predecessors, today leads to the highlighting of a historical event that was held at the Lycée de Sèvres.
I would like to thank Marie-Françoise Chavanne, honorary inspector and pilot of the project, who has shown remarkable energy in honouring the memory of children and their artistic creation.

Anne-Laure Martorell
Principal of the Lycée Jean-Pierre Vernant

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